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Happy Towel Day, everyone! This Discord 72, I'm celebrating by, um, staying home all day (like I do every day since school ended) and carrying my towel around everywhere. Exciting, I know.

Check out IsItTowelDay.com (just in case you want a second opinion), the main Towel Day page, the Hyperion Twitter contest for a limited number of towels (Part Six of Three referring to Eoin Colfer's upcoming contribution to the Hitchhiker's "trilogy"), the #towelday hashtag on Twitter, the story of how a towel saved someone's father's life, free Towel Day banners, icons, and wallpapers, and no doubt more! (Why is there not a Towel Day Google Map?!)

Are you hoopy enough to know where your towel is, or are you just a strag? Do you sass (in the know, be familiar with sense, not the have sex with sense) any cool Towel Day websites? Tell me, I'm getting lonely here in my comment-less journal! :P
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