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Birthdate:Jun 16
Location:United States of America
Me: White, abled, societally-acceptably-sized, neurotypical, upper-class or upper-middle-class, cisgendered, female, adult, woman, college student, atheist. Prone to stupidity both related to privilege and not; also prone to always thinking I'm right, talking too much, Here Let Me Explain That To You, and combinations of the above. If you have the energy and the inclination, please call me out on these things; if I react in idiocy (please, universe, let me not react in idiocy!) feel free to dogpile until I STFU appropriately.

In particular, I am trying to avoid: ableist language like "lame" and "retarded" (more work to go on the former than on the latter), sexist/homophobic language like "suck" (sucking is good! I approve of oral sex!), and judging people based on their looks or survival strategies given oppression. (I am not a very femme person. This does not mean that I am morally superior to people, particularly women, who are. Shut up shut up shut up internalized misogyny and homophobia.) I am particularly likely to be clueless with regard to transgender issues, ableism, mental health issues, sizeism, ageism directed at the elderly, racism, and classism. I like to think I am all evolved and enlightened and I am SO NOT.

Stupid debater tricks (non-privilege-derived) I am prone to: making generalizations about things I know little (but I LIKE to abstract things!), playing devil's advocate, tone argument/concern trolling, Look At All Of The Things I Know That You Don't, and utter failure to sympathize with people displaying ignorance or privilege-induced stupidity that I myself have displayed in the past.

Comment policies: I hope to foster a safe space for all minorities and also vigorous discussion. If the latter gets in the way of the former, former trumps. I reserve the right to ban, freeze, delete, and in all other ways moderate comments with no justifications necessary, although I don't expect I ever will--ultimately, this journal is my space. Don't be a jerk, don't be more of an idiot than you can possibly help, and we'll probably get along fine.

Link/copy/&c. policies: Everything I put out here is meant for use by the public. Link to it, copy it, quote it, remix and rethink it, don't worry about credit or letting me know (although either or both would be nice of course!). Obviously don't like resell my essays wholesale or whatever, but otherwise, err on the side of "explicitly for public use despite obvious reservation of copyright".

Friending: I'm trying to keep my reading page down to just things I'm likely to be interested in reading, so if you subscribe to me and I don't subscribe back, it doesn't mean I hate you, it just means (bluntly, since I can't think of a better way to put it) I value not having to scroll past things on my reading page more than I value social niceties. And if I subscribe to you, I don't expect you to subscribe to me back. Similarly, I don't expect to ever have to use friendslock at the moment, so if you grant me access I won't grant you access back until and unless I ever do decide to use friendslock. (At which point I will probably grant everyone who subscribes to me access in a wave of guilt for using it and then end up using an arcane system of filters whose keys are known only to me to make sure only the people I ACTUALLY want reading a given post can.)

I am also on LiveJournal as dysprositos.
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