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Date: 2009-06-02 11:51 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] dysprositos
I think that the scarier of the Scary Ponies expect that you be willing to contend with somebody who disagrees with you -- you may whimper inside friendslock, but in public you have to be able to accept that people will critique your works and/or your reasoning.

LOL, yes. I think some Scary Ponies Oh No can get quite...aggressive in their disagreement. Possibly partly because of the widespread belief that social skills are optional, but mostly I think from the One True Canon idea. After all, if you're right, and you don't agree with me, I must be wrong!

Once you admit multiple versions of canon and fanon, you get to the point where eventually any argument ends in "we're going to keep disagreeing; you write your fic and I'll write mine."

Ooh! How about: no matter what moral issues we see with a particular kind of fic (we think it promotes child molestation, it's homophobic or racist, &c.), we follow the cardinal Pretty Princess Monsters Blargh rule of Thou Shalt Not Drive Thy Fellow Fans Underground, For You Were Driven Underground In Scary Ponies Oh No Fandom (by harassment, legal suits or TOS reports, outing, &c.). There's a strong feeling of "not doing that again": sure, chan may be the new slash as far as Forbidden and Awful goes (I think people have calmed down a bit re: RPF), but we figure it's not worth the consequences of suppressing unpopular fic.

We will, however, argue over its morality at will. Forever, if necessary.
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