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Date: 2009-06-08 05:29 pm (UTC)
nike: Handcuffs for the kinky asexual (Kinky asexual)
From: [personal profile] nike
I'd add "asexual" to that as well. I keep stumbling across more and more asexuals in fandom ever since I came out as an asexual slasher and [community profile] metafandom picked it up. :D

Heck, I'd just about add "queer" in general to my expectations, except that's not quite right. "Non-comformative" is better (or it would be if the spellchecker didn't insist it's not a real word). Even the ones that admit to being straight and in a heterosexual relationship get into things society tends to brush aside, like women's sexuality and rights for minorities (GLBT, disabilities, anti-ageism, anti-sizist, feminism, race, religion, etc).
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